Optidrag focuses on energy efficiency in road transport. Our aim is to reduce fuel cost by 5 to 10% by reducing the air resistance.

Optidrag advises on existing incremental solutions and develops a totally new concept that will be patented. In addition to offering a technical solution that makes a significant difference, Optidrag answers how to finance the (modest) investment and realize a fast return.

Foto_Yves_Reymen_OptidragYves Reymen, founder of Optidrag, got the idea during his PhD in engineering while helping to solve a sound problem for a local SME making roof racks for light commercial vehicles. The SME owner was looking for a solution to reduce the extra fuel consumption caused by the rack.

Being a aerodynamics fanatic and crazy about all things moving, this got Yves thinking about why trucks and trailers are about 3 times as inefficient as cars. Wouldn’t there be a better way to shape these road transport vehicles?


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